Hebei Senwang Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. Receives International Recognition at the Canton Fair

Subtitle: Overseas customers place orders for the innovative Dual-wing Expandable and Folding Houses

Hebei Senwang Integrated Housing Co., Ltd., a leading provider of modular housing solutions, recently participated in the Canton Fair, one of the largest trade shows in China. The company’s innovative products and commitment to quality drew significant attention from international visitors and resulted in successful business collaborations.

During the fair, Senwang showcased their latest product offerings, including the Dual-wing Expandable House and Folding House. These housing solutions received widespread acclaim for their versatility, energy efficiency, and modern design. The Dual-wing Expandable House, with its unique expandable feature, allows for flexible space utilization, making it ideal for various applications such as residential, commercial, and temporary accommodations.


The Folding House, on the other hand, impressed attendees with its ease of transportation and installation. This portable and compact housing solution is designed for quick assembly and disassembly, enabling convenient mobility and flexibility for different project needs.

The outstanding quality and innovative design of Senwang’s products caught the attention of many foreign buyers. As a result, the company received numerous orders from international clients, signifying trust and recognition in the brand’s reliability and commitment to excellence.

“We are thrilled to have received such positive feedback and recognition from our international customers,” said Mr. Han, the CEO of Senwang. “Our team has worked hard to develop cutting-edge housing solutions that meet the evolving demands of the global market. We are excited about the opportunities these collaborations bring and look forward to delivering exceptional results for our clients.”


With their successful participation in the Canton Fair, Senwang Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. further solidifies its position as a trusted provider of innovative and sustainable housing solutions, both in the domestic and international markets. The company continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and aims to exceed expectations by delivering high-quality, customizable, and eco-friendly modular housing solutions.


Post time: Nov-08-2023