Common sound barrier materials

Sound barrier materials mainly include metal materials, concrete materials, PC materials and FRP materials.
1. Metal sound barrier: aluminum plate, galvanized plate and color steel plate are common metal materials. The metal sound barrier has shutter type and microporous punching type, which can absorb noise. The product structure is alloy coil plate, galvanized coil plate, and the surface of H steel column is galvanized, with good corrosion resistance. In addition, the metal sound barrier also has the advantages of water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, and is not affected by external weather changes.

sound barrier1

2. Concrete sound barrier: the main materials are light concrete and high-strength concrete. This product is a traditional production process. Its advantages are relatively stable and hard. Its disadvantages are poor sound insulation and noise reduction effect. It is easy to crack after time changes. Due to the large dead weight of the concrete sound barrier itself and the high risk coefficient, the vehicle personnel are accidentally injured after cracking.

3. PC sound barrier: the main material is PC board. PC sheet has strong durability, 250 times higher than traditional glass, strong tensile strength and good bending resistance. Moreover, the overall light transmittance of PC board is high, up to 85%, and the overall weight is light, and the installation is convenient. The sound insulation and noise reduction effect of PC is 3-4DB higher than that of glass, which is the trump card of transparent sound insulation materials.

4. FRP sound barrier: the main structure is building steel and sound-absorbing panel. The front cover is engineering plastic perforated plate; The back soundproof panel is FRP extruded profile; The internal filler is composed of centrifugal composite glass fiber surface wrapped by alkali-free waterproof glass fiber cloth or waterproof sound-absorbing film. Its advantages are smooth surface, strong sound absorption and corrosion resistance.

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