What are the advantages of Flat Pack Container House?

The Flat Pack Container House is a box-type mobile house, shaped like a container. The movable house can be fixed by welding or dismantled. The fixed welding is easy to install and disassemble, with high strength and wind and earthquake resistance. The roof, four wall panels and floors can be disassembled as parts and assembled as required.

What are the advantages of packing box room?
1. The box house is better than the prefabricated house, and the freight is cheaper than the fixed house. The installation speed is faster than the prefabricated house, but it is not fixed and welded. The firmness is between the welded fixed shell and the movable plate shell.

2. Compared with ordinary buildings, Flat Pack Container Houses have the advantages of convenience, mobility and flexibility. The crane can easily change its position and assemble into different houses and shapes. Its advantages can be reused compared with ordinary movable houses. Generally, the mobile house can only be opened for several times, while the Flat Pack Container House has a long service life. The quality, fire resistance and comfort of the packing box room made of steel are better than that of the ordinary mobile room.

3. The packing box room can be equipped with air conditioners, televisions, beds and other items. Also known as container house and container mobile house, it refers to houses with doors and windows, mainly composed of containers. This type of container house is usually used as a dormitory for site workers, and some people also use it as a rental house. It is easy to use and make, so the container house is also called residential container.

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What is the purpose of packing box room?
1. Commercial use
Opening a store is a dream of many people, but the cost of renting a store is too high, and many businesses do not have enough funds. At this time, the Flat Pack Container House helped most enterprises solve this problem. Now many shops are decorated with box-type houses and do not need fixed shops. After a simple decoration, an exquisite store appeared.

2. Building purpose
At the construction site, in order to meet the living needs of workers, the general construction team will use Flat Pack Container Houses. The packing box room is warm in winter and cool in summer, with low cost and convenient installation. It can be disassembled after the project is completed, which is very suitable for the construction team.

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Post time: Jan-31-2023