Oxford cloth earthquake-resistant disaster relief thermal insulation cold-proof emergency tent

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Windows: made of gauze, with ventilation, mosquito prevention and other functions.
Product characteristics, material (biaxial, oxford cloth, canvas, support) characteristics
Top cloth: 420D oxford cloth
Waist cloth: 420D oxford cloth
Gable: 420D oxford cloth
Support: galvanized round pipe with diameter of 25mm and wall thickness of 1.0mm

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1. It can be safely used under the action of dead weight and level 8 wind load, with a continuous service life of more than 2 years.
2. Fully upgrade the screen window: mesh support screen (protect the screen to reduce loss), widen the magic towel fasteners, and anti-mosquito screen.
3. Reinforce the chimney mouth: the chimney mouth is wrapped with wear-resistant fireproof cloth for reinforcement, which will not damage the cloth and will not deform in case of heat.
4. Openable shroud: the surrounding shroud can be opened for ventilation and convenience.

Relief tent11
Relief tent22
Relief tent33
Relief tent44
Relief tent55


It is used for disaster relief command, post-disaster emergency medical treatment, temporary school buildings, transfer and storage of disaster relief materials and personnel accommodation.


Size  3.7x3.2x1.75x2.67m
Fabric  PVC waterproof flame-retardant coating cloth coated on one side
Color  sky blue PANTONG 19-4049
Or light sky blue PANTONG 17-4041
Flame retardant  ≤ 15 seconds
Applicable temperature  - 45 °~+65 °
Wind resistance of frame  6-8
Anti-ground surface water  160-200mm
Hydrostatic pressure  ≥ 50kpa


1. During erection and roll-up, do not drag the canopy on the ground to avoid soiling and scratching.
2. After rain, snow and strong wind, check whether there is water on the roof, snow and rope looseness, and handle them in time.
3. All parts and accessories of the tent shall not be used for other purposes.
4. In case of any damage or loss of parts and accessories during the withdrawal of the tent, it shall be handled in time.

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