Flat Pack Low Cost Fast Built Container House For Earthquake relief

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Flat Pack Container House is a modular building, which adopts the method of “factory prefabrication+on-site installation”. The manufacturer generally passes the environmental assessment and the frame is painted. No construction waste will be generated during the installation process, no construction waste will be generated after the demolition of the project, and no human living environment will be damaged. It can be recycled, with zero loss in transition, and reduce environmental pressure. It is applied to campsites, businesses, military, tourism, etc., and is displayed in the form of office buildings, exhibition halls, sales offices, residential accommodation, supermarkets, apartments, etc., which improves the comfort of living and satisfies the needs of life and entertainment.

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Product advantages

The transportation is convenient, and it is more suitable for units that often change construction sites.
The temporary building on the construction site is fixed in durable, all-steel, stable and stable, with good impact resistance. It has relatively good deformation resistance, good sealing and strict manufacturing process, making the mobile house have good water tightness.
Use the characteristics of personalized creation to develop personalized art. Make it personalized, in line with personal characteristics and pursuit.
On the basis of standard steel chassis, the mobile room can derive many combination spaces. For example, meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, toilets, etc., the standard width is 2.99 meters, the height is 2.896 meters, and the length is 4-12 meters.
Easy disassembly and assembly, good performance and light weight. The house is of integral structure, with frame inside, and the wall is steel plate wall. It can be completed with boards and moved as a whole. The service life can reach more than 20 years.

Two layer Flat Pack Container House
Two layer Flat Pack Container House (2)
Glass Wall Flat Pack Container House
Flat Pack Container House3
Flat Pack Container House

Product characteristics

Long-term use. It has sufficient strength. In the process of transportation, direct transshipment, rapid unloading and direct and convenient transshipment from one means of transportation to another can be carried out. The main components include foundation beams, side walls, corner lifting nodes and other components.
Environmental protection:
Compared with the traditional building material concrete, as long as the modular building material is mainly steel and wood, after the container building is scrapped, its material can be effectively recycled and recycled to reduce carbon emissions, belonging to the green environment-friendly industry, which is conducive to the development of circular economy.
Modular buildings are widely used around the world, and relevant transportation and handling facilities are relatively complete. Modular buildings are flexible and convenient to move.

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